Urban Decay: Country Farm   Leave a comment

Stumbled across this little gem on a backroad with a friend the other day. If there are two things I have an abnormal fixation towards, they are: abandoned colonial buildings and late afternoon light.

The entire backside of the house had collapsed, so the windows were now on the ground.


I put one foot onto the rotting floor inside and it made an awful groaning sound, so I figured I’d use some of that common sense people keep talking about and shoot the incredible stone fireplace from a hole in the outside.


Nearly stepped on this broken glass mug hidden in the overgrown grass and wildflowers of the surrounding field. Not really sure if this is historical, or just a testament to this little farm as a haven for rural juvenile delinquency…


This farm had several more buildings tucked further back in the woods, so more to come next week on those…


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