Urban Decay: Abandoned Farmhouse   Leave a comment

So yesterday afternoon I went out to find this old farmhouse that several people had told me about. The actual barn is on the side of the road, mostly obscured by trees and overgrowth, but still visible. The house is tucked much farther back, and is so overgrown I wasn’t able to get an exterior shot of. But, other than stumbling across a flock of turkey vultures nesting in one corner of the roof, the shoot was exciting, but uneventful.


There were several skeletons scattered around the front of the barn, no doubt the remnants of a turkey vulture Thanksgiving dinner.




Not totally sure what these were, but my best guess was they were some sort of lanterns once upon a time.



The view from the first floor of the barn up through the decaying loft.



Stacks of decaying paint cans.



A dash of color in an otherwise woody and rusty landscape.



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