Urban Decay: Photographer Feature: Matthew Merrett   Leave a comment

Life has been unusually hectic this week, what with having a birthday and first tests of the semester all in the same span of five days, so I wasn’t able to go out for a UD shoot. But I did recently stumble across an urban decay photographer whose images I’m really enjoying to share with you all.

His name is Mathew Merrett and, according to his website, he is a fine art photographer specializing in urban decay. What initially attracted me to his site and his images was the fact that he has shot in Chernobyl which, to me, is practically the ultimate example of urban decay. There’s also a fantastic set of portraits of resettlers in the area, which has always been an area of interest for me as well.

His album on industrial ruins is also really neat, and he has a unique conception of the space around him that he works into his images.

I recently got a tip about an old shack in some deserted forest outside of town, so I’ll be headed down there to shoot sometime this week.


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