Urban Decay: Home-less Neighborhood   1 comment

A sign of the times: a neighborhood lays fallow, several years after being built. The pine forest was cut down, roads were paved, street signs and even street lights installed. But there’s not a single house, even the for sale signs have been taken down since the housing bubble burst and the builder’s company went bankrupt. And yet, the street lights are still on, giving an eerie effect to my night shoot of this road.


With all the overgrowth and spookiness, I was convinced something wild was going to come out and try to eat me. Needless to say I left the car doors open and the shoot didn’t last very long.

There’s just something inherently creepy about the light that comes from streetlights.


One response to “Urban Decay: Home-less Neighborhood

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  1. Nice use of images. Look for some more variety in your shoots – look for details like the crushed cones.

    Watch your white balance, too – that could be off on some of these. Maybe look to shoot at sunrise or sunset, mix light sources a bit.

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