Urban Decay: Arson in Suburbia   Leave a comment

So I came across this house the other day (in an otherwise cute little suburban neighborhood), that has apparently been burned down since May 2011. But because the former owner is suspected of arson (the house was uninhabitable because of a mold problem) and the site is still under investigation, nothing has been done to tear down/clean up the burn site. Now I’m not a pyro by any means–I like campfires and fireworks as much as the next person, but I don’t play with matches–but something about this find just made me a little giddy. I think it was mostly because the house hasn’t even been entirely gutted yet.

(a full exterior view of the burned portion)

(the corner, where you can see both burned and un-burned parts of the house)

(What I’m assuming used to be the living room. See that melted CPU on the shelf in the right third?!)

(What’s left of the kitchen. I’m a little creeped out by the doll sitting in the middle of the charred remains, completely unscathed.)

(A bittersweet love token found in the charred remains)


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