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So for my Advanced Photojournalism course, we are selecting a semester-long documentary project on a topic of our choice. For my project, I chose to do a series that I’m titling “Abandoned.”

Georgia is littered with abandoned buildings–some from the plantations era, some far more recent–and I want to chronicle their decay.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of these stagnant relics, forgotten icons of years past. Older buildings, dating back perhaps around the Civil War, have so much history and culture surrounding them and, oftentimes, they are left to rot away in the overgrown woods. Newer buildings–out-of-service factories and half-built subdivisions–are a testament to our contemporary lives, especially of the economic difficulties of the present.

So I am going to tell the stories of these buildings–once homes, businesses, workplaces, livelihoods–and, hopefully, at the same time tell the stories of the people whose lives revolved around these abandoned sites.


(Below: A truck drives by an abandoned barn in a field, part of a largely intact farm on the adjacent dirt road, in Watkinsville, Ga.)


(Below: An old stable, part of the same farm, still houses disintegrating bales of hay as cows graze nearby)




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