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Summer Storms   Leave a comment

After a long-ish drought in which gardens looked to be lost for the year, we’ve finally finally been getting some rain in the form of daily afternoon thunderstorms.



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Hermit Crabs and iPads   Leave a comment

Something seems out of place here…

I don’t know what’s stranger about this scenario: the hermit crab, the fact that said crab (affectionately named Emma) is scuttling across an iPad, or the aforementioned crab’s odd bedazzled shell.

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I Scream, You Scream…   Leave a comment

This summer in Georgia has turned out to be interminably hotter than normal. So hot that no one’s tomatoes will turn red, but that’s another story for another day. I do a little nannying during the summer, and sometimes we just have to get a little creative when we’re trying to cool off after a long day outside (or just a short drive in my car with the broken a/c). In other words, sometimes a normal milkshake just won’t cut it…


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Time-Lapse Stars   1 comment

So I decided to try my hand at some time-lapse night photography during my time here, mainly because I’ve always wanted to, plus the view of the stars here are phenomenal (the whole no light pollution deal is really working for them). Here are my first attempts (admittedly a little weak, but I can only get better from here, right?).

I shot these with my 17-40 mm lens at f/4.0 and a 30 second shutter, with my ISO way up at 3200 and with no tripod, just a porch railing.

If I could do it again, I’d drop my ISO, set a longer shutter speed, and definitely, definitely find a tripod to use.  And I’d find a spot where there weren’t a bunch of astronomy kids hanging out (see below).

There was an astronomy class out doing some star-gazing while I was shooting, so I’ve got a lot of pictures of them walking around under the stars. They were also using these awful red flashlights that messed up so many of my frames when the beam would accidentally flash across the lens, leaving a red smear along the length of the image.


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A Baby Vaca, and Bugs   Leave a comment

Two things that Costa Rica is not lacking in: vacas (cows) and bugs.

We met this little lady while walking to school from our homestays one morning:

The bugs here are the coolest ever:

This one got himself tipped over and can’t seem to be able to get himself right-side up again:

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Reflection Obsession   Leave a comment

I have come to accept the fact that I have a minor obsession with reflections.

Hence this image, made during our tour of one of the Finca La Bella coffee farms. I think Elaine, one of the coffee farmers, was feeding us some bananas steeped in raw sugar cane juice. So good…

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