Monteverde Cloud Forest, Parte Dos   Leave a comment

At the end of the path was a huge, three-tiered waterfall with an overlook area. So I tried my hand at some motion-blur with the water. Because I didn’t have a tripod and was trying to balance the camera on the railing of the porch, there’s a little bit of camera-shake in the trees, but I’m still happy with how the water turned out:

There was a giant strangler fig tree on the path as well, and some of us definitely climbed inside. Here’s a shot (with some awful on-camera flash) from the interior of the tree. Talk about one heck of a tree house:

There are always all sorts of vines randomly hanging down here, and they make me think of Tarzan every time. I have yet to find a vine that is swing-able, but this one was a pretty neat little braid:


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