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So I’m currently in Costa Rica for a study abroad Maymester program with the University of Georgia. I’ve been here since May 17th and we leave for home on June 8th. It’s been a whirlwind adventure so far, to be completely cliche. I’m taking two classes down here: Travel Writing and Photodocumentary. So, for part of my final project in Travel Writing, I’m creating an online journal of my “adventures.”

I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves, but some of them are going to need an explanation or contextual information. Also, I don’t have access to any photo editing software here, so (besides some minor cropping) all of these images are pretty raw straight from the camera.

During the plane ride in, I initially had a middle seat, but then the girl who had the window seat moved up to an empty seat near her friends, so I got the window seat. [side note: airplane cookies are the most amazing things ever] My view:

The image below is of all of us arriving on the UGA Costa Rica campus for the first time on Tuesday, May 17th. For the first week and a half we lived at the eco-lodge in San Luis de Monteverde. It’s basically a bunch of red-roofed buildings in the middle of a valley in the middle of a rainforest. The drive from the San Jose airport to San Luis took about 4 hours or so, but the last 30 km took over an hour and a half, because the paved road ended and we were a lot of people in a small bus trying to chug our way up a very steep mountain. It was both exciting and terrifying. Awkward first meetings:


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