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Oh, the simplicity of Costa Rican life…   Leave a comment

If only real life was this relaxing.


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Coffee & Vistas   Leave a comment

We went on a tour of several different coffee farms the other day and, of course, bought a ton of coffee.

The hands of a true working man, holding the grains of his livelihood:

I feel like a beautiful vista awaits around every corner. And each of them is so unique to itself that I can’t help but take pictures. Of every. single. one.


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Living in the Clouds   Leave a comment

So since we are in a valley in the middle of a mountain range in the middle of a rain forest in the middle of a tropical climate country, there is a lot of rain, and there is a lot of fog, and sometimes it just kind of feels like we’re living in the clouds.

This is the view out the window of the bus as we were traveling down the mountain back towards campus:

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Monteverde Cloud Forest, Parte Dos   Leave a comment

At the end of the path was a huge, three-tiered waterfall with an overlook area. So I tried my hand at some motion-blur with the water. Because I didn’t have a tripod and was trying to balance the camera on the railing of the porch, there’s a little bit of camera-shake in the trees, but I’m still happy with how the water turned out:

There was a giant strangler fig tree on the path as well, and some of us definitely climbed inside. Here’s a shot (with some awful on-camera flash) from the interior of the tree. Talk about one heck of a tree house:

There are always all sorts of vines randomly hanging down here, and they make me think of Tarzan every time. I have yet to find a vine that is swing-able, but this one was a pretty neat little braid:

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Parte Uno   Leave a comment

So the other day we went to the Reserva Biol√≥gica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde (Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve), which is a protected wildlife preserve that was founded in the 1950’s by a group of Quakers from Alabama who left the US in order to avoid being drafted into the Korean War. We saw lots of Quetzals (a really colorful parrot-like bird), and some other birds. I really wanted to see a monkey, but no such luck.

For a totally cliche nod to Robert Frost, here’s “The path less traveled:”

We used these fancy Swarovski telescopes to look up-close at all the wildlife in the trees:


The oldest tree in the rain forest, according to our guide:


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School vs. Nature   Leave a comment

One of the biggest challenges of life in the rain forest is learning to balance time for schoolwork with time for enjoying nature. This is my view from the library when I actually do schoolwork. Cruel, I know.


How am I supposed to get anything done when 50 meters from my bungalow is ethereal light like this?



And when we find a new friend like this hanging out in a tree beside the comedor (dining hall)?

Here’s your joke for the day:

Question: What’s brown and sticky?

Answer: This fella…

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Carbon Offset Program   Leave a comment

So we participated in a Carbon Offset Program, which basically entailed planting a bunch of trees on the side of a mountain. I was shooting mostly video, so I don’t have any stills of the actual planting, but I do have some images of the trek there and back (up a mountain).

We passed a chicken house on the way there. This fellow was particularly territorial, but not at all camera shy:

Clouds moving in. As we say in Georgia: A storm’s a’comin’

On our way back from tree planting, we came across this little girl who spoke English really well. She told us that grown-ups have¬† “the spirit of a six-year-old, but the body of an adult.” Pretty deep for a six-year-old.

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