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Easter Eggs, and Flash   Leave a comment

In yet another episode of “you know you’ve become a photographer when…” I had more fun taking pictures of the Easter eggs than actually decorating them:

We’ve been talking a lot about flash in my PJ course recently and this, plus my recent adventure at The Flash Bus in Atlanta, made me want to try my hand at lighting an egg. But, since the batteries in my strobe were dead, I used the on camera flash and diffused it with a double-folded paper towel. I didn’t realize until afterwards, however, that the paper towel had pink dye on it, which acted as a sort of gel and hued my picture pink-ish:


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Beat Blogging: Springtime Flowers   Leave a comment

Spring is probably my favorite time of year for pictures in Georgia, because it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, everyone has spring fever. And, oh yeah, the colors are phenomenal.

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Beat Blogging: Airsoft Battle   Leave a comment

One of the most exciting (and dangerous) activities that a teenaged boy can legally engage in is the battle-simulation sport of airsoft. Whenever I watch these kids playing, a chorus of grown-ups from “A Christmas Story” plays through my head on a loop.            “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

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Flash Bus Atlanta: David Hobby and Joe McNally   Leave a comment

So a couple weekends ago, I attended the Flash Bus in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center. It was, in short, amazing, I learned so much I’m pretty sure strobe-speak was coming out of my ears by the end of it. Sadly (and perhaps, a tad ironically), the lighting in the mass meeting room was atrocious and my shots reflect that. These pictures really don’t do it justice and, if you have any interest in/passion for photography at all (not only photojournalism), you should go if you have the chance.

(side note: all of these shots are raw from my camera because I don’t currently have access to a computer with photoshop, so some of them are pretty rough)

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