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First Signs of Life   Leave a comment

Spring has sprung in Athens, Ga., although you wouldn’t know it based on the stormy weather we’ve been having the past couple of days. Anyways, I’m trying my hand at gardening this semester and, to my surprise, little baby plants have started to sprout:




And, in case you’re curious: yes, that is a little red children’s wagon my plants are living in. And, yes, I do wheel them in and out of the garage each night just in case a freak frost comes through. My thumb’s starting to take on a slightly green hue already…


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Beat Blogging: Discovered   Leave a comment

Spring Break for me this year was synonymous with Spring cleaning. But with all the cleaning also came the discovery of some hidden treasures.


Namely, an old radio set.



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Rainy Day   1 comment

Drinking it all in…





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Beat Blogging: Weekend Workshop   Leave a comment

Some angle shots (some literal, some metaphorical) from my documentary photography class’s weekend workshop in Habersham County.

The light switches inside the auction house where I shot my main story:

Little chandelier lamps, reflected back in a mirror wall:

This couple was very suspicious of me and my camera:


There were so many mirrors in this auction house/antique store and I took about a gazillion mirror shots. Probably three of them turned out semi-well. Here, the auctioneer, Wally Wenn is starting the bidding on a set of antique dining room chairs:


That’s all for now. More on the weekend workshop later…

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