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Light in the Country   Leave a comment

I seem to always come across the best weather/sky/cloud/light pictures when I’m driving home from work.


This picture combines two things I love: strong horizontals and good light.


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Angles: Visit to Habersham   Leave a comment

So, in preparation for the weekend workshop in my documentary photography class, a friend and I headed up to Habersham, Ga. a couple Saturdays ago to scope out some story ideas and bumble our way around town. I got some interesting angle pictures (although my definition of “angle” seems to get broader and more inclusive each week).

We came across this really neat underground bookstore called “Books Below”. Many of the shelves were literally plywood with loose-brick siding. It’s sturdier than it sounds. I was in heaven. (Underground angle)

Some fun street art. (Imaginative angle)

Junk heap or hidden treasure?

“Tim Loves Tink”

Stenciled onto a tiny overpass in Cornelia. (A there’s-definitely-a-story-there angle)

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Angles: Roots, Sculptures, and Gas Pumps, Oh My!   2 comments

Erosion much? The names carved into the roots are kind of neat too.



Not really sure what this is supposed to be a sculpture of. A dancer maybe?


Park bench:


When the hands-free lever is broken on the gas pump…


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Angles: The Flu   Leave a comment

I have had the horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad flu since Tuesday of last week. It just won’t go away. The fever broke last night, so I’m no longer contagious, but I still feel like I got hit with a freight train. And, as comes with being branded with “The Scarlet F”, so to speak, I have been cursed with social isolation and mind numbing boredom. The only one who would come near me was the dog.


So my angles this week aren’t super interesting. In fact, they’re downright boring, and rightfully so:

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