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Any Athenian worth their salt knows about Five Points Deli. Or, rather, the late Five Points Deli. Famous for their chicken salad and pimiento cheese, this Athens staple had been around for almost a quarter of a century before closing its doors last month. According to newspaper articles, the bad economy is to blame.

So, imagine my surprise when, while waiting on a bus at the Arch yesterday evening, I spotted this little anomaly driving by:

Judging by the new tag application plate on the back, I’m assuming that the Five Points Deli owners sold their catering van. But it’s something you don’t really think about–where do all those specialized cars/trucks/vans for businesses go when the business goes under? I’m also wondering if the guy driving knows that wherever he goes, he’s driving around a metaphorical tombstone.


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  1. Nice catch. Like the metaphorical tombstone line.

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