My Dog Has a Sock Fetish   Leave a comment

She’s pretty weird to begin with and she has a lot of issues (to be expected, since she’s a rescue). But her weirdest habit has got to be her obsession with carrying things around in her mouth. She does it mainly when she’s anxious or excited, especially when a stranger comes around or someone she hasn’t seen in a while shows up.

Now, she doesn’t exactly chew on these things, like a normal dog might. She just kind of carries them around awkwardly until someone tells her to drop it. Socks are her favorite, and if she can get her paws on a matching pair, the more the better. Shoes are also a worthy alternative, as are discarded clothes items of any variety.

So we’re pretty wary of what we leave around, lest it get all dog-slobbery. And because we try not to leave stuff around much, she has to make do with what does get left around. So when I got home after being away all weekend, she came running to me like this:


Yes, that is a paper towel roll. No, I have no idea where she got it from.


Posted January 27, 2011 by alysonwright in Uncategorized

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