The 2011 East Coast Snowpocalypse (Part 2)   1 comment

We need a snow-shovel. Or a snowplow. Or four-wheel drive. Or, you know, rock salt…

So, we ended up getting about half a foot of snow. But all that snow dumped down on us in what seemed like the space of ten minutes or so.

Here is Sunday (9th) night and Monday (10th), chronicled the best way I know how:

Yes, we went out driving in the pouring snow at 10 p.m. Probably not the best idea, considering we needed new tires and, while I was driving, we nearly fishtailed off the road. Still got some pretty awesome shots though…

Official count for Athens was around 7 inches, I think.

Footprints in the snow:

Boogie boards doubled as sleds:

You can take the redneck out of the south. But you can’t take the south out of the redneck:

Snowball, meet tree. Tree, snowball.

Not such an effective fence anymore:

Only the bravest (and those with the most heavy duty trucks) dared to venture onto the icy roadways.

Got word early this afternoon that classes were canceled again for tomorrow. That’s three days in a row now. I think that’s a record. Anyways, more on the 2011 Snowpocalpyse tomorrow…


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One response to “The 2011 East Coast Snowpocalypse (Part 2)

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  1. Nice images, nice leading lines in these. And your sense of timing on the snowball-tree shot gives me great hope for your work this semester.

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