The 2011 East Coast Snowpocalypse (Part 1)   Leave a comment

My northern relatives are laughing at us for sure.

For the past week, the weatherman has been predicting snow. Since the very first whisper, people across Georgia have been frantically skittering from place to place, store to store, stockpiling for what would appear to be the blizzard of the century. Snow sleds sold out by Wednesday afternoon, and snow clothes and boots disappeared from stores faster than you could say snowstorm-in-Georgia.

It was all the talk around my small Northeast Georgia town–by Saturday afternoon, every single customer who came in the store where I work mentioned the snow in some way. In fact, snowfall predictions seemed to rise hourly. In the morning, people were saying we would get 2 to 3 inches. By closing time, we were supposed to get twelve straight hours of snow, and foot-high drifts. Whoever said that southerners don’t have a dramatic streak?

Schools across Georgia shut down, and even UGA broke its 6 a.m. decision rule, canceling classes and other campus functions as early as 9 p.m. on Sunday, January 10th.

Milk, bread, eggs, bottled water, and lots of other staple foods were sold out in grocery stores around the state.

Below, bread shelves stand empty, having been pillaged only hours before:

Even organic-eaters went a little snow-crazy:

The prospect for a carton of eggs was even worse than milk or bread:

Yes, there was only one, lonely, half-carton of eggs left. And it’s no wonder nobody wanted it:

For some reason that I can’t possibly fathom, almost every single can of tomato paste was sold out as well. Then again, I’m no cook…

Also completely sold out: every single package of shredded cheese. Hmmm….

Milk’s gone, but no big surprise there:

Oh, you needed some bottled water? Sorry…

Also out-of-stock according to the good folks at the neighborhood Kroger: apple juice, firewood, and tortilla chips. We southerners sure know how to prepare for a cold, hard winter…

What’s that strange noise, you say? Well, that’s the sound of everyone north of North Carolina laughing at us…


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