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Angles: Tree Reflections   Leave a comment

So this picture for my weekly blog assignment isn’t exactly a literal angle, per se. It’s more of a visual angle: what you would see if you looked at the world from a different angle.

Trees on the bank of a river, reflected back in the muddy Georgia water:


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Van, Reincarnate   1 comment

Any Athenian worth their salt knows about Five Points Deli. Or, rather, the late Five Points Deli. Famous for their chicken salad and pimiento cheese, this Athens staple had been around for almost a quarter of a century before closing its doors last month. According to newspaper articles, the bad economy is to blame.

So, imagine my surprise when, while waiting on a bus at the Arch yesterday evening, I spotted this little anomaly driving by:

Judging by the new tag application plate on the back, I’m assuming that the Five Points Deli owners sold their catering van. But it’s something you don’t really think about–where do all those specialized cars/trucks/vans for businesses go when the business goes under? I’m also wondering if the guy driving knows that wherever he goes, he’s driving around a metaphorical tombstone.

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My Dog Has a Sock Fetish   Leave a comment

She’s pretty weird to begin with and she has a lot of issues (to be expected, since she’s a rescue). But her weirdest habit has got to be her obsession with carrying things around in her mouth. She does it mainly when she’s anxious or excited, especially when a stranger comes around or someone she hasn’t seen in a while shows up.

Now, she doesn’t exactly chew on these things, like a normal dog might. She just kind of carries them around awkwardly until someone tells her to drop it. Socks are her favorite, and if she can get her paws on a matching pair, the more the better. Shoes are also a worthy alternative, as are discarded clothes items of any variety.

So we’re pretty wary of what we leave around, lest it get all dog-slobbery. And because we try not to leave stuff around much, she has to make do with what does get left around. So when I got home after being away all weekend, she came running to me like this:


Yes, that is a paper towel roll. No, I have no idea where she got it from.

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Coffee Shop Graffiti   Leave a comment

Wherever you go to study on campus, you inevitably find records of students past, usually in the form of frustrated words etched onto a hard surface of some kind. Studying in Jittery Joe’s this morning, I came across this little gem:


Now, I’ve never taken an accounting class, but from what I understand, they aren’t exactly daisies and lollipops, and I think this humorous little epigraph attests to that fact….

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Weekend Away   Leave a comment

It was my mom’s birthday on Saturday, so the whole family packed up the car and headed to South Carolina for a hiking trip. I get really bored in the car and also really easily carsick, so I can’t read or write or watch movies. So what I’ve started doing to entertain myself is shoot pictures out the window of cars passing by in the opposite direction. The picture quality isn’t great, but the faces and interactions that occur are entertaining.


The historic downtown square had a park with a long bridge that spanned the river running through the middle of town:

Hungry geese:

And what’s a park without it’s requisite graffiti?

This felt a little like something out of National Treasure:

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My Weekly Focus: ANGLES   Leave a comment

In my documentary photography class at UGA, we are picking something as our “weekly focus” (we post one blog per week pertaining to the idea/topic/etc.). I wanted something that was broad enough to give me a lot of options, but also not something bland or generic. So, finally, after way too much procrastinating on homework for other classes, I settled on angles as my focus.


Corner of a tissue box:


Piano keys (the reflection was a nice bonus):


A ukulele bridge (The dust plainly evident on the wood is a sad testament to the state of neglect and disuse the ukulele has fallen into.):


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The 2011 East Coast Snowpocalypse (Part 3)   Leave a comment

People are getting a little stir-crazy. And, since most everything has turned to icy icy ice by now, people are also inventing more…creative methods of entertaining themselves.

It’s dog-sledding in Georgia. And those are latex surgical gloves, the closest thing to waterproof gloves that were available.

Self-possessed marshmallow jacket, or bored victim of the Snowmaggedon? Your call.

Many public primary and secondary school systems are still canceled because of the snow, but UGA had a delayed opening at 11 a.m., so I’m off to buy books and then I have class at 2:00 p.m. I never thought I’d be this relieved/anxious/almost excited to get back to classes.

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